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Written by Gino's Pizza
At Gino’s Pizza neighborhood Restaurant, we pride ourselves in offering traditional Italian recipes made with the freshest ingredients.

November 11, 2020

New Website!

We decided that it’s time for Gino’s Pizza to update the website. New pictures, new info, same great food!

This website does not offer online ordering – but this is intentional. Because of Covid-19, Gino’s Pizza is experiencing a mad flood of customers and we simply cannot create more food while maintaining our quality standards. Currently, our telephone is the only thing keeping our orders from outpacing our pizza chefs. In short, if the phone is busy, so are we – and we don’t want to offer another way for people to order when we are struggling to keep up at this time.

We will be adding online ordering for your convenience as soon as we are past these Covid-19 challenges,


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